Lindsay Kluge // Herbalist & Nutritionist

Today’s profile is on Lindsay Kluge, a clinical herbalist, licensed nutritionist, and proprietress of Ginger Tonic Botanicals. As an herbalist, Lindsay works with people one-on-one to address all kinds of health issues from endocrine disorders to women’s issues to digestive upset to sleep disruptions. She custom compounds herbal formulas in tea or tinctures and crafts therapeutic health plans to meet their individual needs. In her role as a nutritionist, Lindsay helps folks incorporate holistic eating practices to enhance their daily relationship with food, especially in the area of preventative medicine and food choices.

I learned about Lindsay when she appeared on the Being Boss podcast, one of my favorite ear candies. I was so intrigued by her business that I immediately went online to find out more. Her charming tea blends and gorgeous imagery hooked me right away. In this interview, Lindsay gives us a behind-the-scenes peek into her typical day, shares the ups and downs she’s experienced as a business owner, and, well, after you read all that it’ll be no surprise to learn that she loves waking up on a Monday morning!


When did you know that you wanted to call the shots?

Pretty much in first grade. Being told what to do every day was, and still is, just the worst way to spend a day. As I got older and the reality of being my own boss was more and more of a possibility, it became clear that if I wanted call the shots I had to just buckle down and do the work and jump through hoops sometimes. Being an herbalist today requires some creativity in terms of how to make a living, and starting my own business was the only way I could do exactly what I wanted to do every day while still practicing the way I wanted to practice and share my gifts of knowledge with the world.

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Why this business?

I’ve always been in love with plants, and was brought up with natural medicines from a young age. It wasn’t until I was nearly finished with my undergrad degree that I found a place to study herbal medicine at a graduate, professional level as a legit job and it felt like a perfect fit, so I went for it. I finished up a three year masters of science degree in herbal medicine and then set up my own clinical practice. It makes me happy every day – so I know this is the right fit.

I've always been in love with plants, and was brought up with natural medicines from a young age. Click To Tweet
What’s your typical day like?

Three days per week, I see people for individualized appointments that usually last 1-1.5 hours. Sometimes that takes up most of the day, along with patient charting and answering a seemingly endless stream of emails. I also manage a compounding herbal dispensary that all of the practitioners in the office utilize, so I make sure that’s all well stocked and documented every day. Throughout the day, I’m re-filling client formulas as they need, and conferring with the other doctors in patient collaborations and treatment plans. On days I’m not seeing patients, I’m researching and writing. I’m also blending up teas that I sell on my website which is such fun!

What’s the best decision you ever made that moved your business forward?

Deciding to join an integrated, established practice with other wonderful practitioners (licensed naturopathic doctors). Being part of a small and successful team is such a joy, and being able to collaborate and work together every day can’t be matched. The practice is very education focused, and we all learn from each other every day and share our expertise with one another so that we’re always learning more and more.


What’s a growing pain you’ve experienced in your business?

Learning to say “no” has been pretty tough in the past two years. My business has expanded slowly and steadily, and I always want to say YES to so many projects and opportunities. Earlier this year I really over-committed myself to way too many things, and not only was I exhausted but the quality of each project was not my best work. That was a perfect lesson to be selective with my services and really pour 100% of my creativity and passion into specific, cultivated things.

What was the biggest change in your business this year?

I finally developed and started selling artisan tea blends on my website! This was a long time coming, and I had so many reservations and fears about doing this. But I’ve wanted to do it for a long time, and I finally decided it was time for it to happen. I love blending herbal teas for myself, and my family and my patients, and now being able to offer a few blends to people near and far has been fantastic. I’ve gotten such amazing feedback so far – it’s been so well received.

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What are you most excited about right now for your business?

I’m excited that I’ve finally found a good stride. I’ve hit the sweet spot where I feel like I’m working just enough, and also relaxing just enough that I’m always energized, present and ready for what comes along. As a business owner and healthcare practitioner, finding that spot where you’re working enough to make a good living but not feeling exhausted and burnt out is super hard to find. I’m feeling really grateful about how far I’ve come to manage and to balance that.

I've hit the sweet spot where I feel like I'm working just enough, and also relaxing just enough… Click To Tweet
What’s your favorite thing about Mondays?

My patients. And seeing the people I work with in my office. The energy is always so great where we work and we take a lot of care to keep it that way. I get excited to see return patients and hear about how they’re doing and work with them where they’re at in that that day. I can’t remember a Monday when I woke up dreading starting another week.

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Recap // Bluff City Soul Collective

Bluff City Soul Collective is a group of young, soulful musicians who play everything from the Levitt Shell to corporate events. The Collective’s bass player, Christian Underwood, came to me shortly after forming the band because he knew a strong brand and web presence were necessary investments in the group’s success.


Christian and the rest of the band members saw that they were gaining momentum, recognition, and landing some great gigs. However, without a strong online presence, interested people couldn’t find out much about them.

“I went with Caitlin because I was really impressed with Studio688’s display and presentation and I found out that she was the one who did it. Then I saw some of her other work and quickly made my decision.” –Christian Underwood

The unique aspects of the band, primarily their immense talent and eclectic mix of inspirations and backgrounds, came out during the brand discovery process. You can have the Collective play at your event, but they’re more than your typical party band. They are some of the most talented musicians in the city.

“Caitlin took my vision, even when it was a little unclear, and brought it to life. The process was very beneficial because it helped me really get an idea of what my goals were. It made me think about those goals more than I had before. I’m most excited about the next step: marketing.” –Christian Underwood



Once Christian and I identified a clear brand direction, the Collective worked with Horton Brand Strategy preferred partners Shelby Wilson and Lisa Mac on shooting a promotional video and creating images for their website. I was on set to make sure we captured the unique musicianship and fresh, young vibe of the Collective. And I never want to miss a collaboration day at the studio!




Even though many of the musicians in the Collective are students at the University of Memphis, they still seem to find time to do amazing things like play with Kool and the Gang on New Year’s Eve. I’m really looking forward to keeping up with their accomplishments in the next few years – Memphis better watch out!

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P.S. Check out Bluff City Soul Collective promo video below!