Creating a Manageable Content Calendar

You might love your blog for its SEO and expertise building potential. You might prefer “micro blogging” on Instagram. Or you could be reading this because you want to share all the good stuff with your email list, but you’re running out of stuff to say. Whichever way you prefer to share, creating a manageable content calendar is all about helping you set up a system to share consistently… while staying sane!

A content calendar that encourages you to keep sharing consistently requires:

  • a list of topics that relate to your brand
  • ways to your share your content in multiple ways
  • a repeatable process for creating and sharing content
Figure out what to share.

Deciding what to blog and email about on a regular basis can be tough. You want your topics to be on brand and lead to customers, clients, and collaborations. At the same time, it can get really old writing about the same stuff all the time.

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Before doing any kind of content brainstorming, you should develop your brand keywords. These five words become your content “buckets.” Everything you write and share should relate to one of those keywords in some way. This keeps your content narrow enough to relate to your brand and wide enough to give you enough interesting things to write about.

A manageable content calendar requires that you focus on content you actually enjoy putting the time in to writing about.

You don’t have to teach what you do. You don’t have to make every post relate to a particular product or device you offer. Instead, think about the topics your customer is interested in – what kind of content are they already reading? Now, relate those topics to what you do, and there you go!

Here’s an example… Pretend that you’re a copywriter. Now, you want people to pay you to write expert copy for them. You might be able to teach them a bit about what you do, but let’s be real – you’re always gonna write a better headline. So your blog might center around you general business expertise like productivity, customer service, social media marketing advice… Your clients will love getting to know you more and will see how much you know about their day-to-day CEO life.


Create your calendar.

Planning out four to six months of content will go a long way to keep you sharing consistently. To get hands on with this, go ahead and download a calendar template or draw out some squares to help you brainstorm where your content could fall. I love to do this in a tactical kind of way first before I put it into my project management system.

Assign one or two brand keywords to each month. Under each month, jot down four potential post titles. On the months where you have something to promote, make sure to prime your audience with posts that relate a bit to your new service, course launch, or jewelry line.

Once you get through all your months, see how everything fits together and make sure you have enough variety.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Don’t just post and run. There are so many ways to make sure your content gets out there. Before you get into the weeds writing blog posts, email newsletters, and more, list out all the ways you can repurpose your blog posts.

Reduce the amount of content you have to create by sharing everything you do in multiple ways. Here are some ideas for how to reuse your content – I bet you come with a lot more!

  • Pull out your strongest pieces of advice and sentences. Then create quote graphics for social media… it’s such an efficient way to share tips and knowledge with your followers!
  • Copy your favorite paragraphs from each blog post or email newsletter and share them as micro-blogs on Instagram and Facebook. Mixing in long content with shorter captions can help build up your audience engagement.
  • Record a few short videos talking through the main ideas in each of your posts. Facebook and Instagram are loving them some video content, just saying!


Systematize and organize.

Now that you’ve got a list of topics and ways to share that content over and over, you have to put the tools in place that will help you remain consistent. Plus, you can easily bring an assistant in to help you with this kind of stuff the more systematized it is!

I like to keep my content calendar on the project management system I use called Trello. I make a card for each post and assign a publishing date to it. Inside each card you’ll find:

  • A general brain dump or outline of what I want to write about for each post title
  • Checklists for the entire publishing process… from writing to making the graphics and all the way to creating my weekly newsletter and scheduling social media posts content on Buffer
  • Related graphics and stock imagery files

I also love that you could take the extra step of color coding your Trello cards by brand keyword or blog topic. Then hit the calendar view to see a bird’s eye view of your content flow.

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