Using Keywords to Craft a Cohesive Brand

Presenting your brand through cohesive visuals and a consistent voice is easier said than done. Especially for socially conscious entrepreneurs, amiright? That’s why discovering your five brand keywords is so important.

These five magic words will inspire your visuals, craft your content, and define your voice.

To figure out your brand keywords, we need to start with your brand story. Your brand story is a short narrative that describes who you are, what you do, who you serve, and what your brand experience is like. If you started your business because you wanted to make a difference or to support a specific cause, include that too. Finally, you should make sure to touch on the outcomes a client or customer gets from your business, plus any organization that benefits from your donations or support. No need to be too overwhelmed by this! It’s just writing a little story. Heck, a paragraph might be all you need!

Do a little writing.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen or download the free brand keywords worksheet. Now, I usually say you should write in first person as much as possible. However, for this little story, I suggest using third person in order to “step outside of yourself.” Here’s an example of a brief brand story:

Mandy is a clothing designer and personal stylist for women on the cutting edge of fashion. Everyone either love her looks or they hate them. There’s no in-between. Her clients are typically high powered women who want their inward confidence to show on the outside. When she’s not designing her own line, she’s searching everywhere from thrift shops to the most exclusive boutiques to find new pieces for her clients – several of whom are decently well-known. On her blog, she enjoys the challenge of showing her “splurge” looks alongside more affordable versions that her readers love. Some of these readers have booked her for style consultations after following her blog for a few months. One of the highlights of Mandy’s week is helping her more budget-conscious readers develop a signature style through this service.

Curate your story.

Once you have your brand story written down, comb through it and jot down some words that describe the overall purpose and emotional feeling behind what you do. Now, narrow your list down to the best five. In this example, Mandy might pull out these brand keywords to describe her business: cutting-edge, original, resourceful, high-end, accessible.


Think about how each of those words relates to Mandy’s brand. Notice how each of your brand keywords can express a different aspect of what you do and how it makes others feel? In Mandy’s case, her keywords describe her purpose of giving clients a unique style and the way her brand gives off an energy that says anyone can have the personal style they desire.

Put your keywords to work.

Your five brand keywords will give you so much clarity in your business, I swear! Here are a few ways you can put them to work right now:

  • Develop a content calendar using your brand keywords as topic areas. When you only create content that falls under at least one of your brand keywords, you present a clearly focused brand to your target audience.
  • Start using your keywords when you talk about your business. Even better, use them in everything from your Statement of Purpose to your “elevator pitch.”
  • Revisit your website copy to look for places you can sprinkle your keywords throughout your site. The more your audience gets your brand keywords in their head, the faster you will come to mind whenever they think about one of your brand’s main concepts.
  • Keep your brand keywords near your computer to reference whenever you work on graphics for your business. Your brand’s verbal messaging and visual look need to match up. A brand that feels cohesive in that way exudes professionalism, expertise, and helps potential customers feel comfortable buying from you.
  • If you’re into visual marketing platforms like Instagram, you can fast track your content creation by assigning a keyword to each day of the week. This will really speed up the process of selecting imagery and writing captions for your feed.

I bet you’ve already thought of several more ways to use your brand keywords. I’d love to know what they are! Connect with me via email, leave me on a comment on Instagram, or message me on Facebook!