Horton Brand Strategy is a boutique firm run by a knowledgeable business strategist who also happens to be a talented designer. We provide a strategic process that results in thoughtful design and strategy for entrepreneurs, community builders, and creative professionals.

Work with us if you want a partner in crafting a strong brand, website, marketing plan, or digital and print materials.


I came to appreciate the power of branding through small business marketing. Back when I was the Marketing Director of a large gift shop, I began designing ads and direct mail postcards because I knew the visuals affected brand perception, which in turn affected sales.

In 2014, I published Memphis Type History: Signs and Stories from Just Around the Corner. It’s available on Amazon and in Memphis bookstores and gift shops. In 2015 I tackled a new project – helping to launch Studio688, a Memphis coworking space for creative entrepreneurs.

I once walked across the stage to receive a Masters degree in French. So I pretty much wear a beret like a boss. I also completed a graduate degree in Business, making an MBA my fourth degree.

In June 2016, my husband and I moved to Shanghai, China. Most days I’m working from my home office in the former French Concession while you’re asleep.

I most enjoy exploring Shanghai, eating everything from cupcakes to curry, and discovering new playlists on Spotify.



Tools like well-organized websites, smart digital strategy, and graphic design exist to solve business problems. Thoughtful, strategic work never happens in a hurry. Try things out because you can always change your mind. Collaboration and partnership create the best possible results.

If you believe these things too, then it’s pretty likely we would enjoy working together! So why not check out our services?