The Landmark Method gets entrepreneurs, community builders, and creative professionals focused and ready for the world. We partner with you to build a strong brand from the inside out. These stories are an inside look at how it all works.

Mindful Moments crafts unique self-care events that connect women inside a safe space so they can pursue growth, discovery, movement, and stillness within their busy lives. The community began when two Austinites, Maggie Miller and Mandy Millican, realized they both had a desire to create a space where women could connect and develop a meaningful self-care practice.

The pair teamed up with Horton Brand Strategy for the Landmark Method for Branding process, which resulted in a strong, meaningful brand identity, a comprehensive brand book, and lots of business strategy along the way.

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Horton Brand Strategy's Potential for Pricing Guide and Excel Workbook

Stacy Fischer helps women who run a business with their partner to navigate change, learn to trust their intuition in decision-making, and cultivate calmness in chaos. Through The W Collective, she shares how she came to understand that life isn’t just happening to us. Rather, we get to be our own guide, plan our own path, follow our intuition along the way, and live unapologetically.

The W Collective gives women the tools to follow their true path in every aspect of life. Stacy partnered with us to launch her business the right way through the Landmark Method for Branding and Marketing.

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Horton Brand Strategy's Focus Your Brand Self-Guided Brand Audit

Rebekah Olsen ran one of the most successful gold buying businesses in the Mid-South. However, her freelance writing practice wasn’t taking off the same way. Rebekah had done what many new creatives do when they start their business. She bought a cheap WordPress theme and commissioned a logo from Fiverr. Without an experienced brand partner to really dig into her brand story, business goals, target customer, offerings, and brand voice, Rebekah’s brand suffered.

She worked through the Landmark Method for Branding to create a brand that was truly aligned with her business and her customer so that she could actually grow her practice.

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