Find Your Focus with a Statement of Purpose

Many entrepreneurs, community builders, change makers, and creative professionals suffer from something lovingly called Shiny Object Syndrome. We get a great new idea and want to run with it. Perhaps we even find a lot of success with that new idea. Before we know it, our brand is fractured into different pieces serving different audiences. We’re tired and can’t do it all anymore. Our business isn’t growing like we thought it would, even with all our great ideas.

One way to avoid burnout and grow your brand is by staying narrow and focused.

I know, I know. I can hear you now….

Narrow?? That limits me too much.
Focused? That means less impact.

Getting narrow and focused isn’t about shunning all your good ideas or losing the thrill of implementing something new. Instead, it’s about building purpose and strategy into your work so that your cause — and your company — shine. Ultimately, constructing a business with focus actually frees you. You are free to pursue new ideas because the foundation of what you do is strong. You can take more risks because the strategies behind your main offerings are strong.

Instead of being bored and burnt out, you’ll be on a mission that matters. To get started on this path, you need a Statement of Purpose.


A well-crafted Statement of Purpose defines who you are, what you do, and who you help. Even better, it speaks to the results you help someone achieve with your product or service.

Unlike a mission statement, tagline, or vision statement, a Statement of Purpose is guided by action. Once you narrow in on the key elements of a Statement of Purpose, you will better understand how to present yourself to the world on your website, through social media, and even in person. Yep, you can use a Statement of Purpose to answer that dreaded question, “so, what do you do?”

An effective Statement of Purpose that will guide your business growth and impact must:

– Speak to your target audience both in terms of what they think they need from you and what they actually need from you

– Educate your audience about the people, places, or causes your business supports

– Be very easy for anyone to understand and totally free of any jargon your best fit customer doesn’t fully understand

– Match your brand in every way so that your words and your visuals present a cohesive message

– Feel like you… because you’ll be repeating it a lot in person and in print

You’ll have to do some digging to fulfill each of these requirements for a strategic Statement of Purpose.

First, you must address the surface needs your customers come to you with. However, you must also understand and speak to their deeper needs at the same time. What you write should match the vibe of your brand. After all, your About page or resume is the perfect place for a Statement of Purpose, so it needs to have your brand personality in it. If you don’t know what that is yet, it’s time to figure it out!

There are several ways you could construct your Statement of Purpose. This is just one, but it’s a great starting point to work on because you can just fill in the blanks:

________ is a ________ that/who ________ for ________ who ________ and want ________.

Get it all filled out? Good. Now it’s time to reword your potential Statement of Purpose several times so that you end up something that’s clear and to-the-point. Grab a biz friend and ask them to critique it for you… an outside perspective on how you describe your brand will be very useful in crafting a Statement of Purpose that truly expresses the value of what you offer and the difference your business makes to potential customers.