Tie up the loose ends of your brand so you can prove your value, make a difference, and attract more customers.

There’s one thing can get you going haywire in no time flat.

It goes by many names: Multi-passionate, having too many good ideas, shiny object syndrome, lack of focus, the juggle. None of that is a bad thing necessarily. But when it comes to proving your value, doing good in the world, and attracting more customers, that lack of focus can kill your business.

Before you know it, your brand is fractured into different pieces serving different audiences. You’re tired and can’t do it all anymore. Your business isn’t growing like you thought it would, even with all your great ideas. And worst of all: you’re making no impact on the causes you’re so passionate about.

On the other hand, finding focus will help you:

+Clearly and confidently say who you are and what you do
+Know which opportunities to take and which to turn down
+Set natural goals for growing your business
+Make the difference you really want to make

I know, I know. I can hear you now… Narrow? That limits me too much.
Focused? I won’t reach as many people

Getting narrow and focused isn’t about shunning all your good ideas or losing the thrill of implementing something new. Instead, it’s about building purpose and strategy into your work.


+30 audio lessons & exercises delivered to you right away

+Fillable Focused Brand Workbook PDF

+Transcripts of each lesson

+Bite-sized actionable steps to achieve focus in your business


Inside this course you will create a more focused brand that demonstrates your expertise, the causes you so passionately advocate for, and genuinely connects with customers. So what are you waiting for?