Greeting Your Ideal Clients with a Welcome Kit

You open up your inbox and – praise hands – there’s a new client inquiry awaiting your eager eyes. You skip all the other messages to open the email. Your client seems excited about hiring you to design a website, create customized artwork for their home, or work with you to coach them through growing their business.

Even better, you’re excited about your potential new client. What should you do next?

If you provide specialized products or services of any kind, your first move should be sending your new lead a Welcome Kit.

A Welcome Kit is a delightfully simple way to introduce yourself and your business to a potential customer. This well-designed, branded PDF document is a key element of a successful sales process because it:

• helps your client understand if the two of you would be a good fit to work together
• educates your client on the details of your services and how you provide them
• encourages them to take action if they like what they see

Sending a Welcome Kit will not only impress a potential customer, it will also save you time. For example, if you explain all your “housekeeping” info via your Welcome Kit, you can get down to business right away on those free consult calls.


Even if your services don’t require consult calls, a Welcome Kit can prevent a lot of headaches down the road. The perfect Welcome Kit will often save you from a client who’s a bad fit. The education you provide through your Welcome Kit will ensure every client fully understands what they get (and don’t get) by working with you.

Your Welcome Kit should include certain resources that engage your ideal clients in the information-seeking stage of their buying process.
Introduce your business.

Here’s where you can go more in-depth on your business than you do on your website. Tell the story of how you got started. Share your values. Show your ideal customer what it would be like to work with you.

Tell them more about you and your team.

Let’s be real, not everyone who contacts you about a project has read every word of your website. Repeat the key facts from your About page. Then go a little deeper in the Welcome Kit.

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Let your personality really shine in your Welcome Kit. Include photos of you at work, enjoying a hobby or two, or having fun in one of your favorite places. Make a list of your favorite things. If you have a team, share a list of their favorite things!

Share your process.

By the time someone’s reading your Welcome Kit, they’re probably pretty interested in working with you. This is where you want to give them clear information about your process.

Setting the expectations early of what you need your client to do, what the deliverables will be, and what kind of timeline they can expect will be very important after you’ve closed the deal and the project gets underway.

Explain your communication methods.

At the end of the day, everyone’s a little bit afraid of hiring a flake who falls off the face of the Earth halfway through the project. That’s why letting folks know when you can be reached and how to best get in touch with you is key to starting a relationship off right.

If you don’t take unscheduled phone calls, make a note that you prefer email communication and am happy to accommodate scheduled calls as needed. Do you use a certain project management system to keep everything straight? Now’s the time to briefly introduce your client to your preferred tool.


Feature examples of your work.

There are several ways to show your work in your Welcome Kit. If you make products or design things, try featuring images of your favorite portfolio pieces to demonstrate your general style.

Don’t create visual work? You could present a short case study or two. If you’re in public relations or SEO, for example, create an infographic that shows the results you get for your clients.

Whichever method you choose, be sure to throw a testimonial in there while you’re at it!

Provide more details about your services.

Your Welcome Kit is where you can elaborate on the details of all your services and even show how they work together. You never know, your lead might not realize you can take care of their wedding invitations and day-of planning!

If you don’t give out prices on your website, here’s where you could put your fees or, if you provide custom quotes, provide a “starting at” number. That way you and your client can keep moving down the path of working together with all the information on the table.

Remember the call-to-action.

Whatever you do, don’t send a Welcome Kit without a call-to-action!

A CTA is a statement that tells your reader what you want them to do next. Your CTA might be to schedule a free consult call or fill out a project planning form. Your Welcome Kit’s CTA should be the next step in your sales process.

What happens after you close the deal? Well, then you’ve gotta do the work! Stay tuned for next week’s blog post all about project management for creative professionals.

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