Our methodology gets entrepreneurs, community builders, and creative professionals focused and ready for the world. We specialize in pairing thoughtful strategy with strong design. Here are some examples of what you can expect when you work with us.

Two Austinites, Maggie Miller and Mandy Millican, realized they both had a dream to create a space where women could connect and develop a meaningful self-care practice. So they teamed up to create Mindful Moments. Mindful Moments crafts self-care events that connect women inside a safe space so they can pursue growth, discovery, movement, and stillness within their busy lives.

Horton Brand Strategy created a cohesive visual identity full of meaningful symbolism for the brand and helped Maggie and Mandy develop a strategic vision for their business.

We hadn’t thought too much about how Mindful Moments could evolve outside of the monthly event series until our brand exploration kickoff call with Caitlin. She helped us pull back and see what the potential could be for a long-term sustainable and life-giving project.

The reassurance that we’re doing something important, and the confidence and pride of having a kick-ass logo and aesthetic vision makes you stand a little taller. We feel so passionate about the meaning behind the design and being able to open the Brand Book and look at the vision statements of what Mindful Moments can really be one year, three years, five years from now….that was amazing. We’ll be referencing those often, and using them as fuel to fan the flame!

We’re excited about seeing how we can grow this passion project of ours and help more and more women who struggle with finding ways to incorporate self-care into their daily lives. We felt like we already had a good idea, but Caitlin helped us think about how to take it to the next level. –Mindful Moments

The W Collective gives women the tools to follow their true path in every aspect of life. Coach Stacy Fischer helps women who run a business with their partner to navigate change, learn to trust their intuition in decision-making, and cultivate calmness in chaos.

Horton Brand Strategy provided a full brand identity, business strategy consulting, and a content marketing plan.

Caitlin pulled details from my story and my dream and wove them into the brand I wanted to be and speaks to the women I want to work with. I feel confident each time I use my statement of purpose, the colors, vibe, photos, and logo. She had things in my marketing plan that I wouldn’t have thought of. I’ve been writing blogs based on the calendar from my marketing plan, I used the email welcome sequence, and I picked one opt-in from her list to use on my webinar. There was reasoning and methods behind everything she did. –Stacy Fischer, Founder of The W Collective

Hutchison School in Memphis, Tennessee, has over 115 years of history. The school prides itself on creating a positive learning environment where girls are inspired to be their best. They needed a fresh line of t-shirts that matched the prestige of the school while also appealing to a range of girls in K-12.

Horton Brand Strategy provided ten t-shirt designs in collegiate and modern styles that appealed to the wide age range of students at Hutchison. They are currently sold in the Buzz Shop.

Burrito Kick is a Tex-Mex restaurant concept focused on quality ingredients and an enjoyable dining experience. The owners needed a strong brand identity that could support their future franchising goals.

Horton Brand Strategy provided a full visual identity, brand strategy consulting, and art directed the food photography and restaurant photo shoot.

I consider Caitlin a friend and colleague and when we worked together on this project her professionalism and expertise really showed. The brand strategy questionnaire she gave our team really helped us not only develop our ideas for what we wanted our company’s brand to look and feel like, but to further develop our vision and business model internally.

Within many aspects of the relationship she under-promised and over-delivered. The finished product had a lot of our customers asking if we were a chain restaurant, even though we were a local home-grown concept. I think feedback spoke heavily to the relationship with Horton Brand Strategy. –Zach Pearson, Co-Owner

Rebekah runs one of the most successful gold buying businesses in the Mid-South. However, her freelance writing practice wasn’t taking off the same way. Rebekah had done what many new creatives do when they start their business… she bought a cheap WordPress theme and commissioned a logo on Fiverr.

Without an experienced brand partner to really dig into her brand story, business goals, target customer, offerings, and brand voice, Rebekah’s business suffered. Her DIY brand wasn’t aligned with her business and the corresponding website shame kept her from marketing her services.

Horton Brand Strategy helped Rebekah define her brand positioning, created a cohesive visual identity, designed a website as a hub for her business, and art directed her brand video.

Caitlin became my fairy godmother. She took my tattered brand and turned it into something truly magical. After working with Caitlin, I realized not only was I stifling my business growth by choosing an industry niche, but I was targeting clients who didn’t really fit my personality and projects that I didn’t really love to do. Caitlin had me interview previous clients and really sit down and consider (through a worksheet) who I would LOVE working with and who would LOVE working with me. I no longer target a “niche,” but rather a type of person. This has really expanded my reach, and I think that discovery has played a huge role in my business growth.

Ultimately, Caitlin helped me clarify my purpose and merge my passion with my strengths. My favorite part of the process was seeing the mood board come together. From the neutral color palette to the ink blot and feather quill — it fit every aspect of my business so perfectly, but I never would have come to that conclusion myself. To this day, I don’t know how she got in my head, but she unlocked my identity. I was so excited about the transformation that I asked Caitlin to help me take it a step further with my brand video — wow, that was so fun and exciting! I really think it shows potential clients I take myself seriously and I’m a professional, not just a freelancer.

Within 30 days of launching my new brand, my business went from a side gig to a full career. In six months, I doubled my profits from the previous year and signed a (sizable) contract. I truly don’t think I could have turned my passion for writing into a viable career if I wasn’t for Caitlin. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, she’s your girl. I’m so excited to say I now have confidence in my work, pride in my brand and clarity in my future. –Rebekah Olsen

Service Over Self is a nonprofit that specializes in home repair and leadership development in underserved neighborhoods throughout Memphis. SOS launched in 1986 as a means to meet needs of some of Memphis’ most vulnerable homeowners. SOS has now repaired over 900 homes with the help of more than 24,000 volunteers.

I am so pleased with how our pieces turned out! After working with Caitlin on several projects, it’s obvious that she values your brand, your vision, and works to carry out your ideas in a unique and memorable way. She is a great balance between creative and practical, achieving the visual wow-factor while keeping costs and timelines in check.

My favorite piece we’ve created was our 2015 Christmas catalog. It truly stood out among the barrage of holiday giving mail outs! Caitlin used interesting folds to create a dynamic, yet cost-effective piece that grabbed the attention and communicated our needs beautifully. –Kelly Coon, SOS Program Director

Laura McArtor is the hairline behind Widow’s Peak Web Design. Since launching in 2005, Widow’s Peak has helped over a hundred brands build their online presence.

Laura came to Horton Brand Strategy with a brand that desperately needed a design and strategy refresh. In just a few months, Laura relaunched with updated branding, stronger brand positioning, fresh website copy, more focused service packages, and targeted free resources developed to attract her target audience.

I interviewed a couple of local designers to help me, but things didn’t click. One day, I picked up Caitlin’s card at a coffee shop and called cold – something I had never done. When I learned that leaving a card at a coffee shop was something Caitlin had never done, I took it as a sign to go for it. And I loved finding out she was the brains and talent behind Memphis Type History – love that book.

Having someone to brainstorm with who wouldn’t let me waffle too long was the best thing about working with Caitlin. She knew how to guide my musings into something actionable. Do it, test it, change it. She helped me get over my paralysis of wanting it to be perfect. I benefited from working with someone who is a nice balance of professional and fun – a combo I aspire to possess.

Since we’ve completed this project, I feel immense relief. I know I will make changes and updates as I tweak my message and focus. Now I have confidence and motivation to do that since the foundation is there. I can put energy toward new projects and products rather than being drained by having REDESIGN MY WEBSITE on my to do list. And, I love my new business card. –Laura McArtor, Owner at Widow’s Peak Web Design

Studio688 is a coworking space for creative entrepreneurs in Memphis, Tennessee. Members are focused on collaborating with others so that their work gets better and everyone grows their business. It’s like working at a full service creative agency, except you still get to be your own boss. The space is also available to rent for special events, photo shoots, concerts, and more.

In 2015, Studio688’s owner, recording artist and photographer Lisa Mac, partnered with Horton Brand Strategy to launch the concept. We collaborated on the business model, pricing structure, brand positioning, brand design, web design, website copy, business systems, and day-to-day operations.

Ever since I ended up in this amazing Midtown Memphis studio, I began dreaming of a way to bring a community of creatives together who were sharing their talent and knowledge with the world. So, I asked Caitlin if she was interested in helping me officially turn my studio into a creative coworking space. I knew that I needed her help if I was going to actually try to make something of this vision. She was the only person I trusted, and I knew she believed in what I was trying to accomplish.

As the strategic partner in the venture, Caitlin’s role was to take my vision and turn it into something actionable. Although being creative is my specialty, I have a bit of the “bright shiny object syndrome,” which means I’m easily distracted and a bit all over the place when it comes to doing things with any sort of system or process. I needed Caitlin to help me figure out what the Studio688 community could look like, develop the mission of our venture, and figure out a cohesive pricing structure. After many hours of dreaming and planning, my vision was finally transformed into a viable business venture

Since our launch, we’ve gained talented coworking members, hosted concerts and special events (even a wedding!), and facilitated business growth through workshops and networking. I’m so thankful for this crew of creatives who are doing really cool things and who are passionate about the creative community. It’s so crazy to think that this all started with a dream, and ended up becoming a place where dreams became reality. I can’t wait to see what happens next. –Lisa Mac, Owner of Studio688

In 2014, Katie Willis decided to combine her photography hobby with love for her dog and a genuine admiration for Memphis. The project became The Year of the Dog: 52 Weeks of Memphis. Loki, adopted from an animal shelter at the last moment, is the star of the book Katie published in 2014. In its pages, you’ll find Loki posed in a favorite Memphis spot each week of the year.

Horton Brand Strategy worked closely with Katie on book design and launch strategy.

I knew I needed direction and help. I wanted guidance and creativity from someone who has “been there, done that” and knew the ins and outs of both the design and production process. Once you’ve put in the hard work, shed the tears, and pushed past the stress, it’s SO fun and rewarding to hear that other people really love something you’ve created. –Katie Willis

Bluff City Soul Collective is a group of young, soulful musicians who play everything from the Levitt Shell to corporate events. This unique band is more than your typical party band – they are some of the most talented musicians in Memphis. The Collective worked with Horton Brand Strategy on brand direction and strategy, as well as art direction for a promotional video and photo shoot for their website.

I worked with Caitlin because I was really impressed with [coworking space] Studio688’s display and presentation and I found out that she was the one who did it. Then I saw some of her other work and quickly made my decision. Caitlin took my vision, even when it was a little unclear, and brought it to life. The process was very beneficial because it helped me really get an idea of what my goals were. It made me think about those goals more than I had before. I’m most excited about the next step: marketing. –Christian Underwood, Bluff City Soul Collective

Sam Finley is a passionate writer. When she decided to launch her own business to do what she loved – crafting story-centered content for world changers – she chose Horton Brand Strategy to help her.

We collaborated on brand visuals and business strategy. We crafted a vintage look and feel for her brand, facilitated ideal customer discovery, consulted on packages and pricing, and handled the design and copy for her business website.

I was stuck in neutral. In the beginning, being that I didn’t know where to begin, I had a hard time narrowing down my ideas. I had so, so many ideas and didn’t know how to decipher the difference between my personal likes and my brand’s identity. Caitlin helped me narrow down my ideas and get to the heart of my brand. Together, we crafted my brand and my business, as a whole. This was a defined, well-thought out, step-by-step process. Working in this way helped me build confidence along the way. By the end, I knew exactly how to proceed with my business.

With Caitlin’s help, I identified my ideal clients. I’ve created services – services I can provide – that these clients need. My site is a reflection of my personality and my brand. By way of my website, my brand connects to my clients before I meet them face-to-face and opens the door to opportunities to work with exciting clients.

Whether you are new to business or established but looking to make changes, you would learn so much from working with Caitlin. You’d gain a newfound or broadened perspective about your business and have ample opportunity to take it to the next level. I’m grateful for this experience, for all that I learned and for gaining a mentor (and a voice of reason) in the process. –Sam Finley

Nourishe is a line of tasty mixes that delight your taste buds and fuel your body. Nourishe believes in eating as close to Nature as possible, but also that eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Their high quality mixes help people who are vegan, gluten sensitive, or restricting their carbohydrate intake enjoy pizza, waffles, and all their other favorite meals guilt-free.

Nourishe partnered with Horton Brand Strategy to overcome the website shame that was keeping them from effectively marketing their business.

We had already gone through the process of having a website done several times and had already spent a lot of money without getting what we paid for. I was very apprehensive about doing this again with no results. Now that we’ve completed our new website, I feel fantastic. We got exactly what we asked for, and actually more than what we asked for.

I love how well organized Caitlin was. Everything was laid out and all expectations were clearly defined at the onset. That is so refreshing. Now we can start our marketing efforts, whereas before we couldn’t even start because we had a site that we didn’t want to send people to. I don’t have to be ashamed of our site anymore.  –Della Adams, Owner of Nourishe

Hoggin’ N Joggin’ is a 12K, 3-person relay run in historic Nolensville, Tennessee, that challenges your stamina and your stomach. Every participant must eat on the run as they “enjoy” a mini meal from one of Nolensville’s local eateries before completing their leg of the race.

This fundraiser for the Nolensville Food Pantry began with a clip art logo and design that was all over the place. After working with Horton Brand Strategy, Hoggin’ N Joggin’ relaunched with new branding that truly captured the spectacle nature of the event.