Here are a few quick and easy ways we can help you get back on track.


Are you feeling confused, frazzled, or just kind of “blah” about your business?

You need a boost of strategic insight from an outside perspective to get the ball rolling again. You’re in the right place if you’re ready to feel excited about your business and want to connect with your ideal customer better than ever.

Each Strategy Session includes:

Prep work.
Guided worksheet to help me get to know you, your business, and your goals

60-minute Skype call.
We get down to business and figure out what needs to happen next

Strategy Session Worksheet.
Track your insights and record action items quickly and easily during our call

Strategy Session Toolkit.
Customized resources and recommended next steps delivered to your inbox within 3 business days

Strategy Session investment: $249

Just one Strategy Session gives you everything you need to figure out a business problem and know exactly what to do next. Contact me to book your Strategy Session now!

Horton Brand Strategy's Potential for Pricing Guide and Excel Workbook
Potential for Profit: Understand the Power of Pricing and Make it Work for You

Break the cycle of working too hard for too little money. The cycle of emptying your business bank account every tax season. The cycle of losing out on profit because of your pricing.

This workbook will help you dig yourself out of the hole of working too hard for not enough money. It will show you how to avoid the common pitfalls of making the journey from penniless to profitable. Even better? The Potential for Profit Excel spreadsheet has all the formulas you need to price everything from products to services and even online courses!

The numbers don’t lie like your inner critic does. So if you can do the work of understanding the numbers in your business, you CAN price for profit.

Purchase the Potential for Profit Workbook + Excel Spreadsheet via Gumroad.

Horton Brand Strategy's Focus Your Brand Self-Guided Brand Audit
Focus Your Brand: A Self-Guided Audit for Online Entrepreneurs

As an online entrepreneur, your brand has to be on point. You’ve got mere seconds to connect with your ideal customer online. And even if you do connect with them in just seconds, you still have to cultivate a relationship with them over time before they know, like, and trust you enough to buy from you. This self-guided brand audit will help you see the big picture of your brand and asses how strongly it connects with your intended audience.

After a comprehensive assessment, you’ll learn some insightful ways to assess how others perceive your brand. And I don’t want you to finish this workbook discouraged about all the things you need to work on in your business. So there’s plenty of room to take notes and guidance for prioritizing your action items.

Purchase the Focus Your Brand Self-Guided Audit via Gumroad.

This course walks you through how to write an About page that connects with your target audience AND feels 100% like you.

Personal brands, creatives, makers, artists, small business owners, entrepreneurs, nonprofit directors… each and every one of you will gain a perfectly crafted About page from this course. You will also develop a bunch of language to use in talking about your brand in person and online.

You will tell your story in a genuine way that attracts customers and clients

Find out more and enroll.

Tie up the loose ends of your brand so you can prove your value and attract more customers.

Multi-passionate, shiny object syndrome, the juggle. None of that is a bad thing necessarily. But when it comes to proving your value and attracting more customers, that lack of focus can kill your business. Because before you know it, your brand is fractured into different pieces serving different audiences.

This online course will help you clearly and confidently say who you are and what you do, know which opportunities to take and which to turn down, and help you set natural goals for growing your business.

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