Use a Goodbye Kit for Classy Client Farewells

When you’re finished working with a client or customer, be it providing copywriting services or crafting custom jewelry, your “sign off” needs to be a bit more than a final “k thanks byeeeee!”

But that last email can feel a bit awkward, amiright?

A Goodbye Kit provides your clients with a classy farewell that just might get them coming back for more.


A Goodbye Kit is a short branded PDF that provides closure on the current project while opening a door to more work in the future. It should:

• give you valuable feedback about your ideal customer
• provide helpful information about the product or service you provided
• encourage them to work with you in the future

Sending a Goodbye Kit is just the finishing touch that can set your business apart from all the rest! Here’s how to get one started:
Spoil your client with useful information.

Set your customer or client up for success by educating them on how to use what you provided. Think there’s absolutely no way you can do this? Wrong! No matter what you do, there are plenty of recommendations and resources you can share.

Here are some unique ways you can share useful information at the end of a project:

  • Jewelry makers can provide a mini look book to inspire their clients to showcase their new accessory in a fresh new way
  • Invitation designers can include a list of their favorite print vendors or even a few hostessing tips
  • Web designers can create a best practices “cheat sheet” to help their clients update their website easily
  • A photographer can include a resource guide for printing and framing family photos
  • Create a set of custom mugs for someone? Your goodbye kit could include a winning hot chocolate recipe


Get feedback.

Do you have a system for collecting feedback from your clients? Creating a quick questionnaire on Typeform is a great way to find out what your customers love best about your product or service… and what you could improve. So make that questionnaire and add the link to your goodbye kit. You’ll learn a lot about your business and get some testimonials, too.

Grow your email list.

Don’t assume that just because someone hired you that they’re on your email list. Use your goodbye kit to make sure every customer will hear from you on a regular basis. Share information about your best opt-in and throw in a link for your client to sign up for it.

Get them coming back for more.

The most inexpensive way to get clients is not sharing your latest blog post on social media. It’s actually getting re-hired by a past client or creating a repeat customer for your products. Make sure to include a summary of all the services you provide or all the other things your client could purchase from you. I bet there’s something in there that they didn’t even know you did!

It’s time to implement, and I can help you!

If you’d like to have your very own welcome kit, a goodbye kit, and social media content sharing graphics to level up your client communication game, head over here to sign up for Client Kits!